Monday, 27 August 2012

My Magic Box


I will put in my box
a killer caiman from the Amazon river.
a cheerful clebration in football when my team wins.
The tremendous time when it snowed and a huge snowman was built.
And the terrific time then the eclipse happened and everywhere was dark.

I will put in my box
A great Japanese temple with a golden roof.
A splash from a warm Portuguese pool, lit by sunlight.
A green island off the English coast, covered in wild life.
A grain of sand from Greek beach, hot from the sun.

I will put in my box
A shimmering shoal of fish, glinting in the sun.
A huge shark, swimming through the tank.
A swirl of water from  French sea
A spiral shell from the sea bed.

I will put in my box
A slap from a dragon's tail, hard and sharp,
Speed from a cheeter, zooming accross the earth.
The roar from a lion, poweful and kingly.
A pair of playful cubs, having fun in the sun.

My box in made of platium, gold, silver and bronze.
On it's lid are rubies and emeralds and its hinges are made from unicorn horrns.
In the jewles are balls of fire and on the lid is a signal phonenix feather.

I will tunnel with my box , to the center of the earth.
Past earth, past rock , past lava. In the earth
I will have gold and be rich.

(Louis Woodward)

詩・ポエム ブログランキングへ

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